The highly efficient electrical stopper

    Optional locking bolts

    Used to lock the stopper in the lower position. Can be assembled on either face.

    Optional sensor

    Signals 'upper or lower position' . Checks that the stopper is in its upper (i.e. locked) position. Can be assembled on either face.

    Optional sensor

    Signals 'pallet arrived'. Checks that the pallet has reached its end position. Can be assembled on either face.

    Integrated anti-bounce feature

    Prevents bouncing of the pallet from the stopper. Also absorbs process forces. Is lowered together with the stopper – important for pallet reversal.

    Integrated damper

    Absorbs kinetic energy of the pallet. Available in various capacities. Easy to replace during maintenance.

    Powerful electromagnet

    Powerful lowering action. Robust and easy to control. Designed for continuous operation.
    Proven efficiency, that can be seen in the application of all electrical stoppers made by Wörner. One of our most powerful stoppers is the DEL-650. It damps and stops one or more pallets on a defined position and clears them for downstream transportation. Developed for all assembly systems in a variety of industrial sectors. For efficient stop-and-go operation on your production line – the stopper function is actioned by means of an electromagnet; no pneumatic mechanism. Easy to install, much more efficient than comparable pneumatic systems. Reduced operating costs.
    New levels of efficiency


    Operating costs

    One stopper. Many potential applications.
    Electrical stoppers made by Wörner are successfully deployed on the production lines of a wide variety of industrial sectors. Transport speed, pallet weight and robustness parameters determine the selection of suitable Wörner components.
    Discover the advantages of electrical stoppers
    Electrical stoppers increase overall energy efficiency to approx. 80% - compared to just 6% of pneumatic systems
    Electrical stoppers reduce operating costs by a factor of seven compared to pneumatically powered stoppers.
    Since a pneumatic installation is no longer necessary, the installation and set-up procedures are much quicker and simpler.
    Numerous models having various sensors, permit additional functions (e.g. temperature monitoring, cycle counter); and various accessories for virtually any application.
    All models are very easy to control. Suitable for a variety of PLC types and I/O modules.
    Very robust design – tested, proven and successfully applied. Many models are also insensitive to dirt and oil.
    Very low noise output, hence particularly suitable for environments where noise must be kept to a minimum.
    Therefore, no additional power supply necessary, power supplied via I/O module.
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    Wörner components are entirely developed and produced in Denkendorf, at the heart of the technology centre of Baden-Württemberg. Up to 6.000 components are assembled into stoppers each day. An average of 78.000 stoppers are produced each year for our customers around the world.
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